Religious Work Visa

Religious Visas For Non-Profit Organizations

Ministers and certain types of religious personnel may come to the United States to work in a faith-based capacity through a religious worker visa. This classification is set-aside for individuals to work temporarily for a certified, non-profit, spiritual organization in the USA. The Law Office of David M. Sturman has been handling cases of this nature in Los Angeles for a number of years. The immigration lawyers at our firm are knowledgeable about the requirements to obtain this type of visa, and can assist organizations and individuals in submitting an application.

Criteria For A Religious Worker Visa

To qualify for a religious R-1 visa, both the individual and the establishment must meet a set of standards and establish a valid partnership with each other. To meet the definition of a religious organization, a faith based organization must provide proof of the following:

  • Tax-Exempt Status
  • Religious Denomination in the USA
  • All Forms of Compensation Provided to Employees or Volunteers

An individual hoping to enter the country on a religious visa must have a petition submitted on their behalf by the organization they are affiliated with. Additionally, they should be prepared with the following documentation:

  • Proof of membership in their chosen religion
  • Evidence of least two years of involvement with the organization
  • Ordination records, or an equivalent certification of employment
  • Financial support, whether from prospective spiritual employment or other sources

Persons working towards this immigration category should contact a R-1 visa attorney from the Law Office of David M. Sturman before beginning the application process. We can help you avoid costly errors and frustrating delays. We can also assist you with the renewal process once your initial religious visa expires. We encourage religious organizations to contact our Los Angeles based office at any time throughout the application process for a free consultation. When you have our firm represent you, you can be assured that your paperwork is correct which will give you the greatest chance at success.

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