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Thank you for all your exceptional help. It has been a surprisingly stress-free and enjoyable journey having you by our side. We deeply appreciate all your support and we look forward to working with you anytime.

V. Family | May 20, 2013

David Sturman office is my hero! They are professional and took care of my immigration from start to finish.  Sturman even came with us during my green card interview, which I hadn’t expected. Laurel is my angel,  making sure that all documents are filled up properly, correct and complete! Now,  I got my permanent residence through the help of this office! Thank you so much guys!

Nenette C. | April 17, 2015

David is the best immigration lawyer in Los Angeles bar none. He has seen it all and knows what to do for each case no matter how complicated it looks.
He’ll tell you right of the bat if you have a case, and then at the end of the immigration process, they will mail you (free of charge) all you files.
He helped me and my brother get our green cards.

Javier B. | October 2, 2014

This guy knows it! Don’t even look for anyone else. I am glad Mr. Sturman understands how complicated life can be sometimes.

Jim J. | May 29, 2014

I was very impressed with Mr. Sturman.  I saw the other review saying his office and staff were disorganized and if that was true maybe he changed since then as this was not my experience.  I would highly recommend him as a immigration attorney.

Jon S. | November 16, 2013