H1B Work Visa Lawyer

Grow Your Company With Accomplished International Workers Through H1-B Work Visas

There are a limited number of H1-B work visas available on an annual basis. If your company can utilize services from a skilled foreign national, consider contacting an immigration attorney from TheLaw Office of David M. Sturman. We help employers navigate the H1B worker visa process from start to finish. This exclusive visa category allows your company to work with highly educated employees in specialized positions such as software engineers, financial analysts, technology experts, and many others. Our firm has been bringing employers in the Los Angeles area and foreign workers from all over the world together for many years. We help companies and corporations of all sizes, and have a reputation for professionalism and success with all types of immigration cases, including H1-B work visas.

About The H1-B Work Visa

US employers hoping to temporarily hire someone from out of the country should work with an H1-B work visa attorney  from the Law Office of David M. Sturman. Our work visa lawyers can help to ensure you submit the proper documentation and meet important deadlines to avoid unnecessary delays in the process. Only individuals with at least the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree are eligible for this classification. A company must show they intend to pay a fair wage, matching that of a Los Angeles employee in a similar capacity. Holders of an H1-B temporary worker visa are entitled to the following benefits:

  • An initial stay of up to three years to complete their assignment.
  • Status may be renewed in one year increments on a case-by-case basis, depending on immigration standing, pending applications, and the duration of employment
  • Immediate family members may accompany the H1B visa holder, although they are not eligible to work in the United States.
  • The opportunity to transition to a new employer without leaving the country provided that a new application is submitted.

Experienced Work Visa Attorneys

At the Law Office of Los Angeles Immigration Attorney David M. Sturman, we have represented clients before the Immigration Court for over 35 years. We know the law, we have decades of experience defending against deportation and our successful track record is unmatched.  Contact us for a confidential and free consultation at info@visas123.com or phone us at 818 714-2226.