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Refugee And Asylum Status In The US

If you have entered the United States out of a real fear of persecution based on your ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, nationality, or an association with a social organization, you may not need to return to your home country. The refugee and asylum attorneys at The Law Office of David Sturman have experience in this area and may be able to help you. For years, the lawyers in our office have been serving clients in the Los Angeles area with all types of immigration issues, including political and religious asylum. Since 2005, the requirements for remaining in the United States have become more strenuous. The help of an immigration lawyer can be an invaluable aid to your chances of a successful application.

Rules Of Religious and Political Asylum

If you have recently come to the US seeking refugee or asylum status, you probably have a long list of questions about your future. A Los Angeles immigration lawyer the Law Office of David Sturman can help you work through your application from start to finish. Working with a qualified legal representative is a good way to avoid errors that may cause delays or the rejection of your petition.

As part of the asylum application process you must show that you are eligible for this status by offering proof of the following:

You have entered the United States no more than one year ago.

You have previously suffered persecution in your resident nation, or have a reasonable fear of future harassment.

You are unable or unwilling to return to the last country you legally lived in because of your fears.

Any immigrant to the United States can apply for political or religious asylum, regardless of their legal resident status. If you are already facing deportation hearings, you may apply for a withholding of removal at the same time that you submit your main petition. If you can demonstrate a probability of facing maltreatment once you are deported, a withholding will allow you to remain in the United States until your asylum request has been approved or rejected.

The immigration lawyers at the Law Office of David Sturman are well aware of the rules and regulations surrounding refugee and asylum requests. We can help you gather and review the necessary documentation, represent you to immigration officials in Los Angeles, and prepare you for interviews. We can also serve as your guide through the process of becoming eligible for employment and later, permanent resident status if your application is approved.

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