O-1 Visa Lawyer

Immigrants With Extraordinary Abilities

Individuals with an extraordinary ability in fields such as education, research, business, motion pictures or professional athletics can apply for a temporary work visa called the O-1 visa. This category was created to encourage entertainers and other professionals with extraordinary abilities from foreign lands to visit the US and share their talents. The immigration lawyers at the Law Office of David Sturman have handled many O-1 visa cases. With our experience and knowledge, we can help agents, studios, universities, producers and managers work through the complicated immigration process so that foreign employees can work on their project.

This status can apply to almost any creative category, renowned academics, and sports teams. Unlike a standard employment visa, there is no annual limit to the number of O-1 visas granted. With the proper documentation, an artist, performer or lecturer can remain in the United States for an initial period of up to three years and then renew their petition each year after that if necessary. The Law Office of David Sturman can handle each step of the application process as well as renewals to make your experience as hassle-free as possible.

O-1 Visa Requirements

To claim eligibility for the O-1 visa designation, you must demonstrate national or international acclaim for your work and talents. Only the top actors, scientists, educators, and performers meet the criteria. An immigration attorney in Los Angeles from the Law Office of David Sturman can explain the necessary paperwork and documentation for demonstrating an extraordinary ability. Some acceptable evidence includes:

  • A written recommendation from a peer group
  • National or international awards, such as an Oscar or Nobel Prize
  • Publication in a well-known journal
  • Membership in exclusive associations
  • A significantly and consistently high salary
  • Major contributions to the monetary and critical success of past projects
  • Other indications of strong success in your field

In some cases, more than one form of documentation will be needed to qualify for an O-1 visa. There must also be an existing contract between the US employer and the artist or academic employee. Only an existing United States organization or agent may file for this type of visa on behalf of their foreign workers, an applicant cannot submit their own petition.

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