Adjustment Of Status

Remain In The US With An Adjustment Of Status

If you have entered the United States legally as a non-immigrant and now want to obtain a green card, you may qualify for an adjustment of status. US immigration services have provided a way for legal visitors to obtain a permanent visa without leaving the country, provided that they meet all of the requirements. If you are considering applying for permanent residency, contact the Law Office of David Sturman. We are located in Los Angeles.

An experienced immigration lawyer from our firm can work towards giving you the best opportunity for a positive outcome with your green card petition. Our staff has a history of success with these types of cases and is passionate about helping people like you to achieve permanent residency.

Qualifying for the adjustment of status provision is not always simple. The paperwork, legal language, and regulations associated with getting a green card can be quite complicated. Our office believes that everyone deserves to have affordable professional legal advice from a skilled immigration attorney to navigate through this process.

The Law Office ofDavid Sturman has been proudly serving the residents of Los Angeles for years. We also work with individuals around the country. We are here to help you make the transition to permanent residency in the US without having to make a costly trip to your native country.

Steps To Obtain Your Status Adjustment

The steps to applying for an adjustment of status are fairly straightforward, although the individual processes and paperwork can be complex.

  1. Find out if you are eligible to immigrate. Even if you are residing in the United States legally, you may not qualify for a green card. In most cases, you will need someone else to sponsor you in order to become a permanent resident. You might also be authorized through refugee status or another special circumstance. The Los Angeles immigration lawyers at our office can help you determine if you qualify for an adjustment of status.
  2. File an immigration petition. A family member, employer, or your fiancé(e) will typically file the initial forms on your behalf. The kind of petition you file will determine if you can also file your visa application at the same time. If not, you may have a waiting period to file for permanent residency.
  3. Apply for an adjustment of status. Be sure to include all of the necessary documentation to avoid delays. The Law Office of David Sturman can work with you to avoid costly and time-consuming errors.
  4. Attend an interview. If your application is approved, you will be asked to provide fingerprints and attend an immigration interview before you are granted permanent residency status.

Legal Guidance From An Experienced Immigration Attorney

As you begin to gather documentation and fill out paperwork for any visa application, email or call The Law Office ofDavid Sturman at (818) 714-2226. We provide a free consultation to everyone who is seeking to obtain an adjustment of status. Contact us today to discuss your options and learn about our services.