Los Angeles Conservatorship

When your loved ones are unable to care for their physical, medical, and financial needs, you may need the assistance that a Los Angeles conservatorship lawyer can provide. To help you sort through the legal process of looking out for the interests of your relatives, the Law Office of David Sturman has a team of legal advisors who have extensive experience in these specific types of cases. When the health of someone you love is declining, you need compassionate service from a source you can trust. Our conservatorship attorneys have been serving clients in the greater Los Angeles area for many years, and we will work with you and your family to make the best of a difficult situation.

When Is Conservatorship The Answer?

Conservatorship is a legal delegation that allows a responsible adult to take over the affairs of another adult, temporarily or permanently. In Los Angeles, California state law dictates that close relatives be considered first for this role, although the government can step in if needed. If you feel that your loved one may need a conservator, consider if your relation:

  • Is incapable of planning for his or her own fundamental needs
  • Is not in a position to sign a power of attorney
  • Has multiple sources of income, beyond social security or welfare
  • Is widowed or unmarried, or their partner is unwilling or unable to care for them

If these points apply to your situation, our conservatorship lawyers can help review your case and get you started towards a resolution that will be in the best interests of your family.  If conservatorship is not an option in your case, a qualified attorney from the Law Office of David Sturman can help you explore alternatives, such as power of attorney and living wills.

The Law Office of David Sturman

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