Los Angeles Probate Lawyer

A Los Angeles Probate Lawyer You Can Trust

Families and individuals often work through a Los Angeles probate lawyer in order to ensure that their assets remain valuable for generations to come. Probate law is complex. When misunderstood, it can foster miscommunication between family members or business partners. A probate attorney from our office can work towards sorting out these sensitive issues in a timely manner. From settling outstanding debts to handling paperwork, a professional legal advisor can be a valuable resource throughout this stressful time. For many years, the probate lawyers at the Law Office of David Sturman have been serving the people and companies of Los Angeles. We have cultivated a reputation for ethical, smart solutions for our clients’ estate planning and probate needs.

Probate Attorneys For All Financial Situations

At the Law Office of David Sturman, we are well versed in the probate laws that take effect when a loved one passes away. We work with businesses and individuals from all economic backgrounds to set up affairs in an organized manner. We handle all of our Los Angeles clients, large and small, with the same professional, respectful manner and focused attention.  We will help you set up a will and contingencies for your family so that you do not have to worry about the future.

The probate lawyers at the Law Office of David Sturman offer a variety of services to help you protect and secure your assets:

  • Estate Planning
  • Filing Wills
  • Administration of Probate
  • Settling Estate Debts
  • Distribution of Assets
  • Court Representation, if Necessary

Do You Need An Experienced Probate Lawyer?

If you’re looking for a skilled lawyer for your estate planning and probate needs in Los Angeles, call the Law Office of David Sturman at (818) 714-2226. We will provide you with a FREE consultation, so you can learn how we can help you and your family. Call today or contact us online, to begin planning for the future.