Los Angeles Citizenship And Naturalization Attorneys

Put Your Citizenship Hopes In Good Hands

If you are like many Los Angeles permanent residents, attaining US citizenship is your ultimate goal. David Sturman is an experienced naturalization lawyer. He is fully dedicated to helping his clients. If you have been a legal permanent resident of the United States for at least five years, are married to a US citizen or have served in the military, you might be eligible to apply for naturalization right away. However, if you do not meet these requirements, we still encourage you to contact our office. We can assist in all types of immigration cases and can help you figure out what you need to do next in order to achieve your dream.

Naturalization can be an overwhelming process, but it can be made easier when you work with a highly skilled citizenship attorney. The Law Office of David Sturman has been helping people in the greater Los Angeles area for many years. We treat all of our clients with a level of professionalism and respect that you will not find elsewhere. Each case that we handle is given individualized attention, so you always know your future is in good hands. Our citizenship attorneys will be by your side from start to finish.

Simplifying The Naturalization Process

To qualify for citizenship, you must meet specific criteria. The requirements vary based on each individual situation, but in general, they include:

  • Holding a green card
  • Dwelling continuously in the United States, usually for a period of five years or more
  • Residency in a particular state for up to three months prior to applying
  • Good moral standing
  • Proficiency in the English language
  • A knowledge of and willingness to support and defend the United States of America

The Los Angeles citizenship and naturalization lawyers at the Law Office of David Sturman are ready to guide you through the necessary steps to meet each of these requirements. We can also help you determine if you are already eligible. If you need to take further action to qualify, we can help you get on the right path. Our team will assist you in gathering the proper documentation, filling out the necessary paperwork and preparing you for the interview process.

Get More Information By Talking With An Immigration Lawyer

If you are preparing to file for citizenship, call the Law Office of David Sturman at 818-714-2226 for a free, no-obligation consultation. We will answer your questions and take the time to discuss your options. A Los Angeles naturalization lawyer from our office will be your trusted ally throughout this entire process. Contact us by calling 818-714-2226 or sending us an email to get started on accomplishing your goal of citizenship.