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The Green Card Attorneys At The Law Office of David Sturman Can Make Your Experience Easier

Obtaining permanent residency can give you opportunities and benefits in the United States that other visa types do not. Your green card signifies that you are permanently authorized to work and live in the US. As an experienced immigration attorney, David Sturman can work with you to help you achieve permanent resident status. There are a variety of ways to go about the transition and we help you decide which option is best for you.

The Law Office ofDavid Sturman has been helping the residents of Los Angeles obtain green cards and permanent residency status for many years. We have cultivated a reputation for providing the highest quality services. Our immigration lawyers will always treat you with respect and compassion. We will patiently answer all of your questions and do everything we can to make the application process as simple as possible for you.

Steps To Getting Your Green Card

While you can apply for permanent residency on your own in certain circumstances, it is more common to work through a sponsor.  There are a few basic ways to go about obtaining a green card.

  • Family Sponsorship – US Citizens and in some cases, permanent residents, can apply for a visa on behalf on their spouses and dependent children. Parents and siblings are also eligible under a separate category.
  • Employment Visas – If you have a job secured in Los Angeles, your employer can help you secure the appropriate work visa.
  • Political or Religious Asylum – As a refugee, you are permitted to apply for permanent residency one year after being admitted to United States.

There are several other paths to permanent residency. A green card lawyer from the Law Office ofDavid Sturman will evaluate your case and present your options to you. This will afford you the opportunity to make an informed decision on how to proceed next.

Don’t Wait To Consult An Immigration Lawyer

We offer a free consultation to all residents of Los Angeles. We want everyone to have an equal opportunity for high-quality representation and success in obtaining a green card. Contact the Law Office ofDavid Sturman today by calling 818-714-2226. We also work with clients from all over the world. Email or call one of our experienced green card attorneys today to get started on your permanent residency application.