Los Angeles O and P Visas

O Visas For People With Extraordinary Abilities

Due to the unique nature of their employment, entertainers, athletes and academics may qualify for a special type of visa, called either an O Visa or P Visa. The Law Office of David Sturman is experienced in petitioning for both types of visas. We have assisted extraordinary professionals for many years. These special categories allow individuals with a leading ability in their field to come to the US for up to three years. O Visas are then renewable for the duration of your employment in this country. P Visas are used for visiting athletes or performing groups and are only valid for a year at a time.

Our immigration lawyers can explain every step of this process to you and make recommendations for your specific situation. When you work with the team at our office, you can have confidence that your visa application will be handled promptly and professionally. We will make every effort to ensure that your application has a successful outcome.

Determining If An O Visa Or P Visa Is Right For You

Only professionals at the top of their field are eligible for the O or P visa category. To determine if you meet the requirements, meet with an immigration lawyer at the Law Office of David Sturman. For an O Visa, you should be able to answer “yes” to three or more of the following questions:

  1. Do you have a signed contract or endorsement to participate in a current film, television, research or other project?
  2. Have you received national or international acclaim for your professional achievements?
  3. Do you have any prestigious awards, such as a Nobel Prize or an Oscar?
  4. Have you previously held a starring role in a television show or movie?
  5. Has your work been published in a significant journal or magazine?
  6. Have you made a major contribution to the commercial success of a show or project?
  7. Have you previously been paid a notably high salary for your work?

If several or all of these apply to you, your employer may be able to apply for you to receive an O Visa. Work with your agent or manager and an immigration attorney from our Los Angeles based office to pursue this option. P visas have other specific requirements in addition to the above questions. For example, the majority of your group must have been performing together for at least a year in most instances. Email or call our office at (818) 714-2226 to learn more information about each visa.

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If you are an agency or employer looking for representation for your foreign clients, call us at 818-714-2226 for the facts on O Visas and P Visas. The knowledgeable immigration attorneys at the Law Office of David Sturman are here to answer all of your visa application questions. We will handle all of the preliminary paperwork and serve as an advocate for your organization. Contact us today to receive a free consultation if you are a person who has an extraordinary ability.