Immigration Lawyer Woodland Hills

If you live in the Woodland Hills area and are in need of the services of an experienced immigration lawyer to handle your case, the Law Office of David M. Sturman is ready to help. Whether you are looking for assistance to obtain a work visa or your situation is more complex, having a knowledgeable lawyer on your side is a most important first step. The immigration attorney in our office has provided legal representation to clients for deportation hearings before the Board of Immigration Appeals, the Circuit Courts and the Federal District Court in addition to working with clients on all matter immigration issues. He can help you successfully resolve your case too.

Of all the law firms and immigration lawyers that provide legal representation in or near Woodland Hills, our firm stands apart because of our track record. In addition to a track record of success,  we give each case our time, commitment and support because we recognize that each case has unique circumstances surrounding it. While many immigration lawyers may take a cookie cutter approach to legal representation, our firm believes that each of our clients deserve our full attention, compassion and hard work to realize their desired results. This belief and commitment has provided the basis for our reputation as a dedicated legal representative to all of our clientele. When you bring your case to the Law Office of David M. Sturman, you can rest assured a committed immigration attorney will be at your side.

Further, one of the most difficult aspects of hiring legal representation is the hefty retainer some immigration attorneys charge before they have even reviewed the details of the case. For many, the retainer fee is the biggest obstacle to acquiring quality legal representation. A large retainer can place a difficult burden on a family that is already struggling with a legal issue. Moreover, we find that some of our clients may even have put off hiring a legal representative because of this financial difficulty, which can cause an even greater legal problem in the future. To help our Woodland Hills clients attain quality representation, our firm offers reasonable payment plans to each of our clients that are designed to relieve their financial burden. We realize that we are all in this together and that we have to do our part in making our services accessible to as many people as we possibly can.

If you wish to receive a free consultation with our immigration attorney, we invite you to email us and or give us a call at 818-714-2226. We are committed to providing all Woodland Hills residents with the best legal representation possible.